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Full Day excursion

Southern Patagonia is characterized by its gorgeous natural beauty that extends beyond the Andes’ natural borders.

This trip will let you appreciate the landscapes that join these two countries, in a tour which crosses the Argentine-Chilean valleys, irrigated by rivers that finish in the Pacific Ocean.

We will cross the Futaleufú river, through the international bridge that shows the entrance to the X Chilean Region, to contemplate with eyes wide open at its rapids, which whisper light and foam on their way south.

The Laguna Espejo, announces the entrance to the town, located at the bottom of the  eternal snow-capped mountains. “A landscape painted by God” sign preannounces the path’s entrance.

Lakes, glaciers and snowdrifts surrounded by exuberant vegetation, take us to enjoy the tiny villages, with their typical chapels and houses of wooden tiles, inhabited by humble and kind people, where peace and calmness are only disturbed by the track of the bullocks carts.

Placid backwaters, quality gastronomy and the best Chilean wines complete this trip that takes us to discover a completely new country.

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